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Vadakkumthala church

Vadakkumthala is one among the early Christian settlements from Quilon. A representative from Karunagapally Palliyogom attended the synod of Udayampoor. Vadakkumthala could claim this heritage. Vadakkumthala formed part of Kovilthottam parish till 1679 the Christians in the area worshipped at the church at Pandarathuruthu. A school was erected in 1901. In 1905 Fr. Boniface Pereira started the construction of a new church, which was completed by Fr. Bernard Fernandez in 1921. It was only in 1934 that Vadakkumthala had the service of a priest residing in the parish. The present church was completed in 1994 under the leadership of Fr. Antony John.


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Three Kings Church,Vadakkumthala � 690 536 ,Kollam

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