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Pullichira Marian Pilgrimage Shrine


t he c hurch of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception p ullichira, k ollam Kerala, and s outh India. Patroness of the church is our lady of Immaculate Conception. Festival day -1 st Sunday of Malayalam month of Dhanu or Sunday preceding the Christmas. It is a popular annual feast, which attracts lacs of devotees from all over Kerala and neighbouring states.

LOCATION : - p ullichira is located in Mayyanad Panchayath, Kollam District. The church is situated in a place of scenic beauty on the banks of Pullichira Lake. It is close to Parvoor Lake, which is connected to Arabian Sea. Church is accessible from Kottiyam by 2 km, from Mayyanad by 2 km, from kollam town by 12 km.

HISTORY: - T his church founded by the disciples of St. Thomas the apostle, is a renowned Marian pilgrimage shrine of the most ancient diocese of Quilon.
The history of Pullichira Marian devotion dates back to 16 th centaury AD . The sailors of a Portuguese ship, who were saved from a perilous sea � storm through the intercession of our lady had put the statue of virgin Mary in their possession in a box and floated it on the Arabian sea with a resolve to build a church where the box with the statue was washed ashore.It was this miraculous statue that reached the shores of pullichira around 1520 ad. The faithful of pullichira gladly placed the statue in the then existing small church. Later the Portuguese arrived here and built a church in 1572 ad with a beautifully carved wooden altar, at the top of which they installed the miraculous statue of our lady. The same is preserved intact in this new church built in 1974. The parish was established in 1627 ad. The church was declared a Marian pilgrimage shrine on 8-12-2004 by Rt. Rev Dr. Stanley r oman, the b ishop of Quilon. The devotees can gain partial indulgence by their pilgrimage to this Marian shrine.

MOTO OF THE PARISH : -�A pilgrim centre to grow in faith and fellowship.�

FAMILIES : - 850 families are residing in this parish. Total catholic population comes around 3100. Most of the members of the families are employed abroad. Others are working in different organizations in and out side of Kerala state.

B. C .C Units:- t here are 22 B. C. C Units in this parish. a dministration of this parish is done with the help of basic Christian c ommunity. Ajapalanasamathy is elected from these units out of which all subsidiary committees are formed such as c atechism c ommittee, Education Committee, Liturgical Committee, Social Welfare Committee.

social activities : - A Matha housing project is underway to help the poor families with slogan of �house for all� and financial help is given to sick persons for medical treatment. Educational help to poor pupils. Marriage help to poor women there is a catechism library working in church and a career guidance centre for students seeking employment. Seminars are held for the promotion of education and other talents of students of the parish a blood donation camp is conducted with the help of Vincent de' Paul society of pullichira. There are two libraries working here. There is a social welfare association (swap) working for the uplift of parishioners'. Balajana Sakayam is also working under swap. Many sports and arts clubs are functioning for the recreation of youths.

projects and achievements : - A Grotto is constructed to commemorate the arrival of f atima Matha statue from Fathima in 2003. a memorial stone cross is erected at the place where the miraculous statue of our lady of Immaculate Conception was washed ashore. And also a statue of Matha is installed in the middle of the Pullichira Lake. Construction of parish hall is completed. The construction of a post office building, a new office block, and cemetery vaults has been successfully completed.

SUNDAY SCHOOL : Sunday school is organized on every Sunday after mass. One-week bible school is conducted at the vacation time. k c y m unit is functioning under the leadership of some energetic youths.

ASSOCIATIONS: - i t is a declared Marian pilgrim centre. Most of the P arishioners and other religious members of the parish are very actively involved in all the functions of the church. Associations working in the parish are k c y m , t hirubalasakyam, c. l. c , C omfriya Sabha, Vincent De' Paul Society, Madhya Virudha Samithy, K.L.C.A., Vanitha Council etc. A prayer group named �Amlothbhava Matha� conducts prayer s on all Wednesdays in church. Zion prayer group conducts prayer meetings on all Mondays at the residence of group leader.

STATUS OF WOMEN : - w omen has respectable place in the family. Ancestral property is mainly given to the eldest daughter of the family and grooms usually stay in the family property of the wife. Childern are well looked after they are given good education facility.

CUSTOMS AND RITUALS :-Offering Of � Palayum Kayarum �(coir tied to the dried stem of areca nut tree) for relief from respiratory diseases. Pepper and salt for relief from contagious diseases. Gold and silk for favours received. Cradle for childbirth.

INSTITUTIONS : St. Mary's L. P.S founded in 1895, s t. Mary's English medium convent school are functioning in the parish.
CONVENT : St. Mary's convent, founded in 1982 belongs to the c ongregation of Teresian Carmelites (c t c) it comes under Deva Matha province, and Kottayam. The sisters are very much active in pastoral visits, catechism and education. They render great service to the church.

PUBLICATION AND PARISH BUILLETIN: Pullichira souvenir has been published. a common prayer book and novena book have been published. a special brochure has been brought out. A VCD of the pilgrimage festival is also made available.

VOCATION IN THE PARISH : Fr. Dionysius. C. Antony, Sr. Mary Pia C Tc and Sr. Leena O cd (con)


PARISH PRIEST - Rev. Fr. Lazar S.Pattakadavu.
The Church Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception,
Pullichira, Kollam, Kerala, India, PIN-691304.
Phone No- 2530411,

SHEDULE OF LITURGY : Sunday morning mass is at 6. 30am and at 8 am. Daily mass is conducted at 6.45am, except on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday � s t. Antony's novena and mass is conducted at 5 pm. on Thursday mass with Matha novena and adoration is conducted at 4.30 pm. St. Sebastian's feast is celebrated in the month of January. Lourdes Matha feast is celebrated in the month of February. s t: Antony's feast is celebrating in the middle of June. On March 19th s t Joseph's feast is held. Carmelite Matha feast is in the month of September. Fathima Matha feast is in October.


Nursing 22 BEd 53
10 th Std


Engineering Diploma 80 LLB 9
Plus II 348 Graduate Engineers 67 ITI 121
Degree Holders 453 Masters Engineers 15 Typing And Short Hand 15
Post Graduate 94 IIT Graduates 1 MBA


MBBS 9 TTC 43 KGT 27
Computer Degree


Computer Diploma 29 PhD & M Phil 5
Fr. Dominicus -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Augustine Conception---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Stansilaus Kostha -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. M. Mendez ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Xavier Payampally ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -
Fr. F. Bernard Fernandez ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Edwards --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. J. B. Gonsalves-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Elias Varghese ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. M. Mendez------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Stanislaus Fernandez --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Bernard Fernandez ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. John Netto -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Gregory Alexis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Stephen Nazareth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Martin-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Abraham Joseph----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Cyril Motha------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Grecian Fernandez-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Joseph .S. Fernandez---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Albert Parisavila----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Christy Daniel-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Charles O’ Prem.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Antonito Paul---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Stephen Mukkatil----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Benjamin Antony----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Peter Jose -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Prem Thaj ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Sugun Leon (Acting P.P.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fr. Joseph John----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1903- 1905
1999- 9 months
© 2005 ++ Quilon Diocese++. All rights reserved

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