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Kanjiracode Church

The Church in Kanjiracode is listed among the first churches of Quilon diocese and of Kerala at large. St. Antony's Church, Kanjiracode is situated in three acres of land on the northern side of old ceramics road (Sir C.P. Road) and the area is dominated by fishermen community for centuries.

HISTORY OF PARISH: St. Thomas Christians migrated to areas around Kundara in the ninth century. The Parish was officially erected in 1502. St. Antony's Latin Catholic Forane Church, Kanjiracode was originally built and blessed in the name of St. Lucia by the administrator of Cochin diocese and the construction was financed by one Lakshmi Ammal ( Mary Ammal) a Brahmin convert. . The foundation stone was laid on 27-10-1609 and blessed the church on 30-04-1609. The church was reconstructed and named after St. Antony of Padua in 1633 AD.Even after the diocese of Quilon was officially set up, Kanjiracode remained under the juriscdiction of the cochin Diocese, under Padravado and remained so till 1893. In the year 1975 the reconstruction activities was actively started to accommodate more believers during services and church was finally blessed on 1986 January 26 th

by his Excellence Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph G. Fernandez the Bishop of Kollam in the presence of Rev. Fr. A. Solomen, Parish Priest of the church and dedicated to the Papal visit of pope John Paul II in Kerala

. St. Antony's church Kanjiracode is a symbol of the living faith and fervent devotion of the Catholic Community at Kanjiracode.

VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT OF THE PARISH: St. Antony's church not only provided spiritual healings to its followers but also the church is providing better education, health care and women empowerment through its allied organizations.

ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF THE PATRON SAINT: St. Antony of Padua is the Patron Saint is celebrated on the Sunday preceeding Ash Wednesday. The Celebration of the feast starts with the unfurling of the flag on the Sunday previous to the feast. Unfurling of the flag is a colourful function with religious pageantry attended by thousands of devotees. Besides liturgical functions in the church, a religious discourse guided by eminent personalities is organized at St. Antony's shrine, Mukkada in the evenings. A cosmopolitan crowd of all religious faiths attends these functions. On Saturday the day before the festival a procession is taken from the Church along with tastefully decorated colorful floats of saints. The procession goes up to Perayam, the northern boundary of the Parish and touches the southern boundary at Elampalloor and Mukkada. The Procession is attended by thousands of devotees from the all Parishes of the Diocese and beyond.

On the feast day the High mass is celebrated in the morning by a senior functionary of the church. This is followed by �Snehavirunnu�(agape) a community Lunch partaken by ten thousand and more devotees, distribution of cloths to the poor etc. The closing ceremony is the lowering of the flag in the evening with a procession around the church.One of the important features of the festival is the association of non-Catholics in the celebrations.

THE RELIGIOUS STATUS: Average Church attendees come to two thousand. The Bible study groups, Charismatic movements, Little way association, legion of Mary, Sodality, Franciscan 3 rd order, Jesus youth movement and KCYM are actively functioning. St. Antony's Novena is conducted on all Tuesday evening for one hour.

ADMINISTRATION OF THE PARISH: The Parish council consists of 25 members and Parish Priest is the President of the council. The members are elected from the 8 words of the Parish. A five-member finance committee is selected from the Parish council. This five-member committee is assisting the Parish Priest in other financial Activities of the Parish. B.C.C.:- 70 B.C.C. group are actively participating in all the church activities.
STATUS OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN: Women of Kanjiracode Parish are highly educated and enjoy a very high status in Society and they are independent and employed. Children are strong followers of our Lord Jesus Christ and have very good moral values and show the character. FORMATION OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH: Catechism classes are conducted by sisters of St. Margaret's Convent, Kanjiracode for the children of age group 5 to 17.Bible festival is conducted every year and children from Kanjiracode Parish has won prizes in Forane, Diocese and State level.

EDUCATION STRENGTH : It is of special mention that Kanjiracode parish is enjoying the enviable status of an educationally advanced community. Literacy - Men: 100%, Women: 100%.

SOCIO PASTORAL PRIORITIES: Financial assistance to poor family for educational purpose and also to poor who suffers serious illness. And also take initiative steps for solving family disputes especially between family members and neighbors wherever possible.

MAIN PROJECTS ARE PRESENTLY UNDERTAKEN:-1. Construction of St. Antony's Shrines (one in church compound and another in Mukkada Jn.). 2. Constructions of Community hall at Christhraj Jn., Kanjiracode including a shopping complex there. 3. Reconstructions of shopping complex at Mukkada Jn.

FORMER PASTERS OF THE PARISH: The names of the Parish Priest up to 1888 are not known at present. The name of the Parish Priest from 1888 are as shown below:-
Rev. Fr. Antony Disusa Rev. Fr. Michel Netto
Rev. Fr.Mathew Cathanar Rev. Fr. Dominic
Rev. Fr. Joseph Rodrigues Rev. Fr. K.J. Kameyonce
Rev. Fr.Joseph Fernandez Rev. Fr. John
Rev.Fr.Antony Fernandez Rev. Fr. Simon Netto

Rev.Fr.Francis Fernandez

Rev. Fr. Francis Pulickal
Rev.Fr.Charly Consekha Rev. Fr. Joseph Cruz
Rev.Fr.Sebastian Conseption Rev. Fr. Stephen Netto
Rev.Fr.GrigaryJohn Aravijo Rev. Fr. K.J. Yesudas
Rev. Fr.Yacoob Cathanar Rev. Fr. A. Solomon
Rev. Fr.Martin Fernandez Rev. Fr. Peter Jose
Rev. Fr. J.P.Renaira Very Rev. Msgr. Albert Parisavila
Rev. Fr. Bernad Decrues Rev. Fr. Silvy Antony


Contact address : The Parish Priest

St. Antony's Latin Catholic Forane Church, Kanjiracode, Kundara 691 501, Kollam Dist., Kerala, S. India. ,Phone: 0474 �2522625.

Mass Schedule

Sunday Mass 8.30 am, 5 pm (Kanjiracode)

,,                    7.00 am (Kaithakody)

Monday to Saturday 6.30 am daily mass (except Tuesday)

Tuesday 5.00 pm Novena of St. Antony followed by Mass.


St. Margaret's convent established in 1907 by his Lordship Bishop Benziger , St. Margaret's Girls High School, Kanjiracode .

Primary section Est. 1908

U.P.S. 1948

H.S. 1953

St. Antony's H.S

L.P.S. Estd. 1918


H.S. 1947

  H.S.S. 1998

The re-constructed chapel of St. George, Kaithakody has blessed and raised to the level of church by his Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph G. Fernandez the Bishop of Quilon in the year 2002. SHRINES:

St. Antony's shrine, Mukkada who is patron saint and feast is celebrated during the month of February every year.
Little flower, Perayam Jn. Feast celebrating during the month of October every year.
Shrine of St. Patric, Kanjiracode
Shrine of St. Jude, Kanjiracode.
Shrine of infant Jesus, Kaithakody
Shrine of Christ the king and lord, Kanjiracode. The feast is celebrated during the month of November every year.

Native Priests of the Parish

Rev. Fr. Peter D'cruz Rev. Fr. Titus Rev. Fr. Samshine
Rev. Fr. Samson Rev. Fr. Jose Prakash Rev. Fr. Baiju Vincent
Rev. Fr. Safernose Rev. Fr. Shaji Rev. Fr. Harold
Rev. Fr. Paul Mullassery Rev. Fr. Roy

Rev. Fr. Jose Mullasseri

Rev. Fr. Mariadas Rev. Fr. Justin Larence  
Rev. Fr. Prem Raj Rev. Fr. Jolly  
St. Antony's church Kanjiracode is a vital centre for faith and spirituality. You are invited to join us for worship and to be part of our community. If you are from another Christian tradition, you are welcome to receive communion and join in our life as fully as you wish. If you are seeking Baptism, confirmation and first communion or admission into the Latin Church, you may speak to any of the clergy about instruction. There are opportunities for people of every age to learn, grow and meet others who are seeking to deepen and inform their faith, the church clergy are available for the sacraments of reconciliation, marriage, visiting anointing the sick.
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