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Ennakad  Church

Fr. Stephanose the Parish Priest of Cherianad started evangelisation in Ennakkad at the dawn of the last century. Though there were some conversions, they did not survive in faith. A few Christian families from Ulunthy and Pottamelkadavu migrated to Ennakkad in this period. In 1930 there were only 10 Catholic families. In 1950 the Catholics in the area who were fishermen purchased a small plot from their own savings and a prayer hall was erected. In 1955 the prayer hall was raised to the status of a chapel and mass was offered on Sundays in the chapel by the Vicar of Ulunthy. In 1960 the chapel was shifted to the present site with the kind intervention of Bishop Jerome M. Fernandez. Later in 1978 Bishop Jerome sanctioned a Church in Ennakkad, foundation for which was laid by him.

The new Church was completed and blessed on April 21 st 1983. From 1997 the Vicar of Parumala ministers Ennakad. .

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St.Michael's Church  Ennakad,Alleppey


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